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Who are we and why did we start this site? And why did it take so long? Read on...

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Why did we start this site?​​

A couple of reasons. We were using other deal finder sites and realized we rarely, if ever, bought anything through these sites as the deals were not great or we did not like the products that were being recommended.

To be honest, we were finding better deals on our own for the products we wanted.

We also found ourselves helping others find better deals than they were getting on their own.

We love designer fashions and have spent years both buying and consulting for some of these iconic brands and retailers.

Luxury clothing, shoes, handbags – we love them all – but we don’t always love paying those designer prices.

This knowledge comes in quite handy when it comes to shopping. Carrying inventory comes at a cost and these brands and retailers need to balance the desire to sell the most merchandise at full price versus getting stuck with product that is out of season or out of fashion.

Our team has decades of experience as retailers, consultants and, of course, shoppers! We’ve learned quite a bit about the ins and outs of shopping—how retailers and brands both make their money and how they can lose it.

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The Inside Scoop

Virtually everything goes on discount at some point, but designer brands go to great lengths to make sure those discounts are offered quietly and for limited times.

They put significant restrictions on what their retailer partners can offer in term of discounts so they can protect their brand equity. If Louis Vuitton handbags were often marked down 50% no one would pay full price and the brand would not be as iconic.

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Many times, we’ve found that perfect dress or pair of shoes and paid full price, but taking a little bit of time to find the same items for much lower prices is where the real reward is.

Sometimes paying full price makes sense, but we love to shop and we also love designer brands. Spending wisely helps us build our wardrobes as effectively and economically as possible.

We know many tricks of the trade and are happy to pass these strategies along to you to help make your fashion dollars go a little further.

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Discount purchaser

Finding the best deals is not easy and can be a bit (a lot!) time consuming. While shopping is quite fun, we only have so much time.

So, we started documenting where we made our purchases, the brands we bought and the range of discounts we received—essentially a cheat sheet.

Our cheat sheet is the basis of our site and will help you determine where to shop for your favorite brands and where you’re likely to get the best deal.

Jimm Choo Shoes

We have it organized by brand so if you’re a fan of Jimmy Choo shoes, you can see the retailers we recommend you shop first for the best deals.

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Our recommendations will change depending on when (time of year) and where (online versus in-store) you are shopping.

Luxury Brand Shopper

We much prefer using these tried and true strategies versus sending you generic “deal alerts,” which may offer a discount, but the savings are not significant or it’s for a product or brand you don’t buy.

If we happen to see a truly great deal, we will let you know! If you find great deals on sites other than the ones we listed here, we’d love to know.

We are always up for a great deal!

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